Since you’re such a smart ass what exactly did black women invent? I answer that. Nothing!










Melania Trump’s speech…

Plus things like CCTV, easily removable convertible tops, toilet paper holders, improvements in cataract surgery, and research that lead to touch tone telephones, portable faxes, caller ID, call waiting, and fiber optic cables.

A black woman’s DNA is responsible for majority of the twentieth centuries cell, cancer and vaccine research.
Fuck you anon.

Sarah E. Goode – Folding Cabinet Bed July 14, 1885 – 322,117

Miriam E. Benjamin (School teacher) -Patented a gong and
signal chair for motels- July 17, 1888- 386,289

Anna M. Mangin (Woodside, New York) -Patent for a pastry
fork -March 1, 1892 – 470,005

Lyda A. Newman (New York City, NY) -Patent for a hair brush
which permitted easy cleaning by having a detachable unit which carried the
brush and bristles-

November 15, 1898 -614,335

Madeline Turner (Oakland, California) -Patent for a fruit
press.- April 25, 1916 -1,180,959

Alice H. Parker (Morristown, NJ) -Issued a patent for a
heating furnace.  The invention provided
a mechanism for regulating heat to be carried to various rooms of a building.
-December 19,1919 -1,325,905

Marjorie Joyner  
(Chicago, Illinois)- Patent for a permanent wave machine which could
wave the hair of both white and Black people. -November 27,1928- 1,693,515

Marjorie Joyner was employed by the Madame C.J. Walker
Cosmetic Company and assigned her patent rights to that company for a hair
styling hot comb (erroneously cited as invented by Walker).

  Madame C.J. Walker,
born Sarah Breedlove, invented hair creams to soften the hair.  She also developed other lotions and creams
for which she acquired trademarks.

Patricia Carter Ives. 
“Creativity and Inventions. (Arlington, VA:  Research Unlimited), 1987.

Henrietta Mahim Bradberry 
(Chicago, Illinois) Patented a bed rack which was an attachment to the
bed that permitted air to pass through and refreshed worn clothes. – May 25,
1943 2,320,027

Device operated pneumatically and was adapted to discharge
torpedoes under the water surface.  –
December 11,1945 2,390,688

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner (Washington, D.C.) (born in
Charlotte, North Carolina) Sanitary Belt. May 15, 1956 2,881,761 Sanitary Belt
with Moistureproof Napkin Pocket.  April
14, 1959 2,881,761   Carrier attachment
for invalid walkers. (McLean, Virginia) May 18, 1976 – 3,957,071 Bathroom
Tissue Holder.   (Williamsburg, Virgina)
October 19, 1982  – 4,354,643 Back washer
mounted on a shower wall and bathtub. September 29, 1987  4,696,068

 Mildred Austin Smith
(Sister of Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner) Family relationships card game

A game that explores genealogical family relationships.  Marketed under the names “Family
Relationships Card Game” and trademarked as Family Treedition, also
available in braille October 28, 1980 4,230,321 .

Virgie M. Ammons- Fireplace damper actuating tool. The
instrument opens and closes a fireplace damper and is also intended to operate
as a securing means to prevent fluttering of the damper due to wind -September
30, 1975 3,908,633.

Iula O. Carter  
(Ohio) Nursery Chair February 9, 1960 2,923,950

Bessie V. Griffin (New Jersey) Portable receptacle April 25,
1951 2,550,554

Maxine Snowden (Washington, D.C.) Rain Hat April 5, 1983

Mary Ann Moore 
(Carlisle, Kentucky) Pain relief composition and method of preparing
same   December 4, 1979 4,177,266

Patricia Bath, M.D. Los Angeles, CA  Laser apparatus for surgery of cataracts
lenses- Dec.1,1998 5,919,186 ,Method and apparatus for ablating and removing
cataract May 17,1988 – 5,843,071 Apparatus for Ablating & Removing Cataract
Lenses Jul. 6, 1999 4,744,360

Marie V.Brittan Brown 
Home security system Dec.2,1969

Joan Clark Los Angeles, CA Medicine tray Apr.1,1986 , Holder
for bras & like

Aug.31,1976 D283,249

Beatrice L. Cowans (Washington, DC) and Virginia E. Hall
(Washington, DC) Embroidered fruit bowl wall hanging and kit for making same.
Apr.5,1977 4,016,314

Ellen Elgin Clothes wringer 1880s

Julia Terry Hammonds (Lebanon, Illinois) Apparatus for
holding yarn skeins

Listed in the Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent
Office.  Dec.15,1896 572,985

Joanna Hardin(New York, NY) and Bernard Hirschenson (New
York, NY) Keyboard standFeb. 23,1993 5,188,321

Ruane Sharon Jeter (Los Angeles, CA)   Toaster April 14,1987 D289,249

Ruane Sharon Jeter (Los Angeles, CA) and Sheila Lynn
Jeter(Los Angeles, CA)  and-held,
multi-functional devices in one housing including a stapler, staple remover,
pencil sharpener, hole punch, calculator, tape measure, architectural and
engineering scale.      Sept. 16, 1997

Gaba; Rodolfo (Simi Valley, CA); Griffin; Michael (Aqua
Dulce, CA); Gusakov; Ignaty (East Aurora, NY); Ruane Sharon Jeter (Los Angeles,
CA); Mach; Brian

(Elma, NY); Marsh; Gordon H. 
(West Hills, CA).  Medical waste
disposal container Sept. 7, 1999 5,947,285 , 
Container installing system Jul. 6, 1999 5,918,762,  Cabinet for housing a medical waste container
Jun. 15, 1999D411,008

Natalie R. Love (Baltimore, MD) T-Top roof cover May 5,1992

Brothella Quick (Evanston, IL) Pocketed underwear Nov
23,1993 D341,470

Carol Randall (Los Angeles, CA) Portable holder for tissues
Aug.13,1996 Ear brace Nov.20,1990 5,544,750

 Judy W. Reed
-Improvement in dough kneader & roller Sep.20,1884

Mary J. Reynolds Hoisting/loading mechanism Apr.20,1920

Archia L. Ross (New York, NY) Runner for Stoops. August 4,
1896 and Trousers Support November 28, 1899 565,301

Theora Stephens Pressing/curling iron

Valerie Thomas(Lanham, MD) Illusion transmitter Oct 21,1980

M. Thomas Float-operated circuit closer May 4,1920

Hirschenson; Bernard (New York, NY); Hardin; Joanna (New
York, NY)Keyboard stand February 23, 19935,188,32


I haven’t even touched the 2000′s yet

So cut it the fuck out

Also the mitochondria in every cell of every human comes from a single female ancestor who was from you guessed it- Africa. meaning a Black woman invented yo dumbass. 

Peter Rabbit


Peter Rabbit goes up to the counter and orders 4 slices of carrot cake, which he promptly devours before he has time to pay. The barista chases him out of town. 

Meanwhile, his sisters have opened an Etsy store where they sell hand-embroidered pillows and homemade blackberry preserves. They deny Peter the opportunity to get in on the ground floor as an investor, as he has been a jerk and a disappointment to them throughout his life.